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Plymouth, MA….Tech-Etch manufactures EMI Shielded Honeycomb Vents, Fan Vents, Quiet Vents, and Air Filters from prototype to high volume in all shapes and sizes. In-house plating improves shielding effectiveness and environmental protection, while providing fast turnaround.

Many RoHS compliant finishes are available.

Vents Tech-Etch



Honeycomb Vents are offered in both standard and custom configurations. Shielding is accomplished with 1/8-cell aluminum honeycomb panels, and can be increased by using two 1/4-inch thick panels in a cross-cell configuration. Nine different aluminum vent styles are offered, and additional shielding gaskets can be added to increase attenuation.

Product Overview

Shielded Fan Vents with optional dust screens provide maximum airflow without degrading fan output. A BeCu gasket can be added to the frame and six standard sizes are offered. Quiet Vents with honeycomb media provide maximum air flow through openings requiring shielding to 90db attenuation levels. Since the honeycomb design yields 95% open vent area, the unrestricted air flow results in reduced turbulence plus lower noise levels than vents constructed from perforated metal.

Available in 66 standard sizes, Quiet Vents are a low-cost shielding solution for the cooling requirements of today’s electronic equipment. Light-weight, aluminum frames come standard with a Twinseal gasket for shielding between the frame and the mounting surface. Shielded Filter and Dust Shields attenuate EMI and provide a passage for cooling air while filtering dust.


Download 52-page Shielding Product Catalog.