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New 2400 Series UL-94 V-O Rated Fabric Over Foam Wide Range of standard or customer profiles available.


For over 40 years, Tech Etch has been a leader in the EMI/RFI Shielding field. As a global supplier for commercial and military markets, our standard and custom shielding lines include all sizes, shapes, compositions, mounting options and seal types.

Product Details


Standard and custom designs are manufactured using a photo chemical etching process making it possible to offer custom single piece and standard two-piece designs with no tooling charges.

To avoid expensive form tooling, Tech Etch uses photoetch fabrication to custom design beryllium copper and stainless steel shielding components in small quantities and also for prototypes before high-volume requirements where progressive dies may be utilized. Custom expansion slot connector gaskets and board level shielding components are produced both quickly and economically.

  • Shielded Windows
    Provide optical transmission and EMI shielding for
    enclosures requiring visual access to displays.
  • Shieldwrap
    Knitted mesh used to shield cable and to dissipate
    corona discharge at high-voltage splices.
  • Contact Rings
    Contact rings can be fabricated in many
    variations from fi nger stock shielding.
    See page 24.

Available in over 150 profiles and sizes.

The top EMI/RFI shielding solutions Tech-etch
The top EMI/RFI shielding solutions Tech-etch

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