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TE’s Connectivity Raychem

From aerospace to the railway, from defence and military to power grid, you need reliability over all. No matter the industry you are operating in when you need reliable cables assemblies, harnessing, heat shrink tubing and tape, joints, terminations, wraparound sleeves, terminal, splices, wires and cables, you know you can trust RAYCHEM and TE Connectivity.

Raychem – Heat Shrink Technology

With a portfolio that includes cable joints, terminations, splices, moulded parts and more, TE Connectivity provides solutions that comply with industry regulations, such as RoHS and REACH. Our Raychem heat shrink technology offers durability and adhesive-coated tape options, making it suitable for various applications in the energy industry

Heat Shrink Tubing:

Heat shrink tubing provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and strain relief

Heat Shrink Tubing - 3
Heat Shrink Tubing - 1
Heat Shrink Tubing - 2

Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products

Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products - 1
Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products - 2
Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products - 3
Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products - 4


  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • Defense and Military
  • Energy & Utilities Industry
  • Solutions
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Rail


Raychem Tubing Products