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Heilind Connects People with Industrial Solutions by Molex!

The core of Industry 4.0 is to base production on cyber-physical systems, transformations at the organizational level, introducing new business models and arranging these changes in the entire 4.0 environment.

Digital transformation is also constantly developing, it does not allow you to stand still. Molex will keep up with the ever-changing trends by introducing new technologies to improve production automation.

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Molex’s potential shows its readiness to act in the entire chain – from the implementation of products to the industrial process, through the introduction of new business models to the arrangement and introduction of its processes in the entire 4.0 environment. The Molex company hits the send of industry 4.0, is ready for any novelties and changes, introducing innovative product solutions to the market ahead of the competition.

Molex supplies key components for Industry 4.0. The most popular are connectors and cables, thanks to which communication systems are created that will enable the optimization of industrial processes. Increasing the speed of production allows you to increase profits in a much shorter time.

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About Molex

Molex believes in the transformative power of creating connections. As a leading global provider of connector solutions, Molex brings engineering excellence, trusted relationships and an unparalleled commitment to quality and reliability to help customers across industries improve lives. Trusted for more than 80 years, Molex offers world-class design, manufacturing and a portfolio of 100,000+ innovative products. They are doing more than developing solutions, they’re Creating Connections for Life.