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Miniaturization of all components, including connections, will be important, as will reducing the number of cables on the factory floor, whilst simplifying the serviceability of systems will also be key.

Factory Automation 


The devices installed in Smart Factory floors consist of lots of connectors for which JAE has developed a wide range of Factory Automation connectors to be used in connecting the components within each module.

About JAE

As a globally recognized supplier of electronic connectors, JAE Europe Limited (subsidiary of Japan Aviation Electronics Industries, LTD (JAE) designs, manufactures and markets superior electronic connectors and aerospace products to a variety of industries. With the philosophy “Explore, Create, and Practice”, the company continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions to an increasingly demanding industry.

Products JAE

The KW21 charging cables from JAE are designed to be IEC 62196-3 standard compliant charging cables.

The MA01 Series is the next generation floating board-to-board connector.

Designed specifically for interfacing with small control modules in vehicles, the MX81 Series sets a new standard in automotive connectivity.

JAE has developed and released the KW11 Series CCS*1 Type-1 fast charging standard compliant connectors for EV charging.

JAE has developed and released the MA07 Series of high-speed connectors and harnesses compatible with USB 3.2 and DisplayPort 1.4 transmission.

FO-BD7D is an optical pluggable connector for outdoor use which can be assembled on-site.