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Alpha Essentials

Finding the right wire and cable for your application is now easiert han ever with Alpha Essentials — your one-stop source for the widest range of industry-standard cables. The breadth and depth of Alpha Essentials products ensure an optimum solution to your application challenges.


Shielding Options to Maximize
Signal Integrity
Alpha Wire offers cables in four shielding options to handle virtually any electrical environment.


  • Unshielded: The smallest cable diameter for
    use in low-noise environments.
  • Foil shielded: An aluminum/polyester shield for
    moderate EMI needs.
  • Braid shielded: A braided copper shield, with 55%
    to 85% coverage, provides good
    protection against higher frequency EMI.
  • Foil/braid shielded: A combination of foil and braid
    gives the best EMI protection across a wide frequency range.


  • Sound broadcast
  • Instrumentation
  • Audio and sound systems experiencing high flexing and needing additional tensile strength
  • Computer and control
  • Telephones
  • Unbalanced intercom and sound systems
  • Remote circuit control
  • Low-voltage circuits
  • Modems
  • Multiplexers
  • Serial data interfaces


Alpha Essentials Catalogue

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