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Offering a broad portfolio of backplane connectors that include SOSA aligned optical, COTS plus hard metric, VITA standard and high speed twinax interconnects. Our interconnect solutions address the requirements of mission-critical applications within commercial aerospace, space and defense market segments.

Backplane connector shells for:

  • Module Type F
  • Module Type D
  • Module Type C
  • Module Type E

Connector inserts The LightCONEX backplane connectors inserts are available in three styles:


  • Increases volumetric density of 3U and 6U high-speed switch and payload VPX boards by integrating optical transceiver into plug-in connector.
  • Intermateability with VITA 66.5-defined backplane connectors enables multiple sources and drives faster design cycles.
  • Reduces optical interconnect SWaP with rugged, MIL-STD qualified, edge-mounted, optical interconnects.
  • Enables ultra-high port bandwidth density of up to 720 Gbps full-duplex in a half-width slot.
  • Simplifies VPX board assembly and rework by eliminating fibre pigtail on edge-mount transceiver.
Mini Modular Smiths Copy


  • VPX single board computing
  • C4ISR embedded systems
  • AESA radars
  • High-throughput Ethernet switches