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About ScioSense

The ScioSense portfolio of environmental and flow sensors is aimed at demanding users in the automotive, industrial, building automation, and consumer device markets which want compact, low-power board-mount products and superior sensor performance. The high accuracy, precision and stability of ScioSense products is the result of four decades of experience in sensor development.

Products ScioSense

  • Air quality and particulate matter sensors

  • Temperature and humidity sensors

  • Barometric pressure sensors

  • Automotive sensor modules

  • Franklin lightning sensor 

  • Low-frequency wake-up receivers

  • Precision time measurement

  • Capacitance-to-Digital Converters

  • Resistance-to-Digital Converters

  • Ultrasonic flow converters

  • Ultrasonic flow modules


  • Automotive

  • Consumer

  • Home and Building Automation

  • Industrial

  • Medical


Sciosense B.V.

High Tech Campus 10
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands