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Vibration-Resistant High-Strength (HS) Blind Rivets

Vibration-Resistant High-Strength (HS) Blind Rivets

The POP High-Strength (HS) blind rivets are characterized by their excellent shear and tensile strength as well as their excellent rattle resistance.
The large expansion on the blind side of the rivet provides vibration resistance and improves joint integrity. The extremely strong, convex fasteners have a grooved mandrel that improves the life of jaws and tools.
With the POP High-Strength (HS) blind rivets, Heilind Electronics stocks fasteners for you that are particularly suitable for applications that require noise and vibration reduction.

Vibration-Resistant High-Strength (HS) Blind Rivets



  • Increased expansion on the blind side
  • High clamping force
  • Vibration resistant connections
  • Suitable for oversized holes
  • Positively retained mandrel head
  • Grooved mandrel
  • Excellent collapse (noise) resistance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Manufactured according to ISO, QS and TS requirements
  • Ideal for applications requiring noise and vibration reduction

  • Structural applications