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Self-Clinching nuts for durable and atable use

Self-Clinching nuts for durable and atable use

The self-clinching nuts CL of the PEM* brand were developed for permanent use in aluminum, steel or stainless steel sheets.
The self-clinching nut is inserted into the matching hole in the sheet metal and a parallel squeezing force is applied to the head of the nut. The sheet metal surrounding the head ends in an undercut. In this way, the connecting element becomes an integral part of the sheet metal. A serrated clinching ring prevents the fastener from turning after assembly.
Heilind Electronics sells the PEM press-in nuts CL in various designs for different plate materials.

*Only in Poland, Romania

Self-Clinching nuts for durable and atable use



  • Offers high resistance to compressive and torsional forces
  • Flush finish on the back of the plate
  • Low installation costs
  • PEM PreTect thread masking provides protection for PEM internally threaded fasteners
  • Suitable for steel, aluminum, stainless steel or hardened steel alloy plates, depending on version

  • Optional thread cover with Thread Masking PEM PreTect for applications where hardware is installed prior to painting