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Safe and reliable mounting on printed circuit boards

Safe and reliable mounting on printed circuit boards

The PEM* series K offers a variety of different mounting elements on printed circuit boards. The PEM fasteners are suitable for surface mounting as well as for mounting with broaching and flaring technology.
ReelFast surface fasteners are attached to the PCB simultaneously with the other components before the automated reflow soldering process. This reduces assembly time and scrap.
Broach fasteners are a practical alternative to “loose” hardware. They ensure a durable, stable and torsion-resistant attachment to printed circuit boards. The broach fasteners are recommended for use in uncoated holes.    
The broach/flare-mount standoffs KFB3 offer a combined function for both techniques, providing even better pullout performance on PCB materials.
Heilind Electronics has the PEM fastening elements series K in stock in various designs and thus offers you various possibilities to fasten your electronic components securely and stably.

*Only in Poland, Romania

Safe and reliable mounting on printed circuit boards



  • Suitable for fixing components to printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards to printed circuit boards or printed circuit boards to chassis
  • Simple and time-saving application

  • Suitable for surface, broach/flare-mount

  • Secure, stable and reliable fastening