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PEM®* R’ANGLE® fasteners

PEM®* R’ANGLE® fasteners

Use PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners for strong right-angle fixing points in thin steel and aluminum assemblies.
The expanded family of PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners provides efficient, reliable methods for creating permanent right-angle attachment points in thin metal assemblies and PC boards. R’ANGLE® fasteners can serve as cost-effective replacements for bent edge tabs, bent center tabs, bent flanges, angle brackets, tack welds, and loose hardware. The RAA™ and RAS™ fasteners for metal are simply pressed into a rectangular mounting hole of the proper size.

*Only in Poland, Romania




  • Thin metal assemblies
  • PC boards
  • Fewer assembly steps

  • Less loose hardware

  • More predictable assembly

  • Tighter design control

  • Unmarred panel surfaces

  • Material savings
    Improved shieldin


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