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New packing

New packing for a diverse selection of QUICK-FIT PCB Tabs on continuous reel

To reduce the assembly and processing time of Quick-Fit PCB terminals, Keystone Electronics has introduced a new packaging. These new, male tab terminals are specially designed on a continuous reel (strip) and are, therefore, particularly flexible.The new ¼” Quick-Fit Terminals are manufactured from Brass with Tin-plate. This characteristic ensures an easy installation and soldering to a PCB. The new, male tab terminals are packaged on reels as a “drop in” replacement for existing products.

New packing



  • Material: Brass with Tin-plate
  • The PCB Tabs offer different heights above the board
  • Products are ROHS-compliant
  • Compatible with standard automated insertion equipment

  • Shorter assembly and processing time.

  • Easy installation and soldering to a PCB