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Modular Attenuators: Medium & High-power solution

Modular Attenuators: Medium & High-power solution

Radiall released a new range of attenuators up to 6 GHz, from 30 to 150 W, available with Type N, SMA and TNC connections. This comprehensive offer ensures outstanding performance and quality at a competitive price.
The design concept for Radiall’s new medium and high-power attenuators utilizes mechanical force to restrain the ceramic resistance against the module. This solution improves the life performance of the attenuator versus common solutions using compound or crimp. A spring is used at the extremity of the module to compensate for temperature shrinkage while increasing the product’s robustness and life cycle.




  • Frequency range: DC-6 GHz
  • Range of attenuation from 3 to 30 dB
  • Compatible with several types of connections
  • Custom models available on demand
  • Excellent electrical performances
  • Competitive price
  • Robust design
  • Military radar
  • Test & Measurement of any telecom and military equipment
  • Instrumentation radio frequency equipment


Modular Attenuators Handout