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microPEM Clampdisc Fastener

microPEM® ClampDisk™ Fastener

The PEM®* Busbar solution reduces the space required for electrical connections by 80 %. First-class automotive electrical systems require reliable and safe performance of their internal components. PEM® busbar mounting solutions are designed, engineered and proven to work in many busbar-to-busbar applications.

*Only in Poland, Romania

microPEM Clampdisc Fastener



  • Automotive electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Clamp load generation

  • Limited installation stress during assembly

  • Tamper-resistant

  • Simple installation – axial force

  • Installs onto a pin or cast post

  • Removal with sharp-edge tool

  • For strong sheet-to-sheet attachment

  • Can replace threaded joint, weld or adhesive assemblies

  • Works with multiple panels of any material


microPEM Clampdisc Fastener