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IEC, SAE and GB/T e-mobility Interconnect Solutions

IEC, SAE and GB/T e-mobility Interconnect Solutions

ITT’s class leading UL and CE certified connectors, plugs, inlets, outlets and accessories offer recognized, trusted and proven charging solutions for today’s e-mobility markets. Built in accordance with all key regional standards – IEC 62196 for Europe, SAE J1772 for the Americas and Japan and GB/T 20234 for China they provide a truly global portfolio.

ITT offers a fully comprehensive range of AC charging options− with an industry leading amperage range from 10A to 80A, single and triple phase variants, low contact resistance and a minimum of 10k mating cycles. In addition to off the shelf solutions our EV offering is fully customizable to meet specific requirements and we are able to offer variants on colors, harnesses and terminals.

By using common coupler connector/plug elements such as an ergonomically designed handle, robust contact system, innovative wire positioners and strain relief system ITT is able to serve global industry players with a consistent, recognizable look and feel to support their own product, user and brand experience.

IEC, SAE and GB/T e-mobility Interconnect Solutions



  • Cable options certified and approved to regional requirements
  • Sealing to meet and exceed specifications
  • Up to 80A AC Charging option
  • Low contact resistance
    Minimum 10k mating cycles
  • Connector and plug strain relief provides protection from cable overstressing
  • Home EV Charging Units

  • Public Charging Stations

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Trucks

  • Fleet Trucks

  • EV Mass Transit Vehicles

  • Electric Watercraft

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • Electric Motorcycles

  • Electric Agriculture Vehicles



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