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CoolSplice Connectors

CoolSplice Connectors

TE´s CoolSplice connectors are splice connections designed to connect single wires for variety of indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC, building security and other electrical installations.

CoolSplice connectors elegantly combine reliability with ease of termination. No need for special tooling; a common pair of pliers is used to pushbutton terminate insulated wires into an insulation displacement crimp contact. Suitable for splicing 22 AWG to 12 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 4.0 mm2) solid and stranded wire, the CoolSplice connectors enable an industry proven reliable connection. Wires are terminated independently for ease of use, and this feature allows for factory pre-termination of one wire and field termination of the second during installation.

All CoolSplice connectors offer a gelfilled sealed version of the standard product extending use of CoolSplice into harsh environment applications requiring ingress protection from the elements. A thoughtful design includes a clear body material for visual inspection of the termination and to distinguish between our standard and sealed product.


Key Benefits:

  • Roadway, Street and Area Lighting
  • Signs and Building Façade
  • Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Wiring Harness Field
  • Repairs
  • Audio speaker connections
  • Lighting in furniture
  • Commercial refrigeration lighting
  • Display and cabinet lighting
  • Bridge and Tunnel
  • Lighting
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Domotics (home automation)
  • Wide range of other applications
  • Easy factory or field installation using independent push button termination for left and right side of the connector
  • Save installation time and eliminate the need to pre-strip wires with insulation displacement technology (IDC)
  • Enable a waterproof solution with an IPX5, IPX7 and IPX8 (2 hours, 1m under water) rated splice
  • Save installation time through a simple push button termination using standard tools
  • Terminates 22 AWG to 12 AWG (0.34 mm2 – 4.0 mm2) solid and stranded wire



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