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Circular Connectors Trim-Trio

Circular Connectors Trim-Trio

Trim-Trio circular connector features a wide variety of insert arrangements for plastic, metal, and bi-metal connectors. They are fitted with gauge contacts for signal, coaxial, and fiber-optic power Connections. For many industrial markets a cost-effectibe solution.

The design of the Trim-Trio connectors is based on a simple concept: enable manufacturers to use a single
type of contact for different types of connector in order to simplify the management of their shell and contact
inventories and tailor their connectors to specific applications. For example, a plastic, metal, or bi-metal connector may be used in different environments, but the form-factor of the insert arrangement is the same and the connectors are both interchangeable and intermateable.

Circular Connectors Trim-Trio




  • Several surface treatments
  • Circular bayonet connector
  • One-third-turn locking ring
  • IP68/69K sealing
  • UV resistance of more than 1000 hours
  • More than 500 mating cycles
  • Impact and vibration resistance
  • Connectors are available either stamped and formed or machined
  • Gold- or tin-plated, or receive a combined surface treatment
  • Easy to crimp using standard tools
  • High-speed signals
  • Optical signals

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