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Blind rivets

Blind rivets

POP blind rivets firmly and reliably join a wide variety of materials. The range extends from blind rivets for standard applications to designs for special requirements.
Heilind Electronics offers a wide range of POP blind rivets in different types and sizes, materials and head shapes. 

Blind rivets

Product Overview

Closed-End Rivet
The Closed-End POP Rivets offer up to 23 percent higher tensile strength than comparable rivets. The joint is completely sealed and thus protected from liquid or steam.

Easy Entry Rivet
The innovative taper head mandrel of the Easy Entry Rivet compensates for deformed or misaligned holes, simplifying and accelerating production. These blind rivets offer a very good hold in thin metals such as aluminum or steel.

Grip Tite Rivet
The Grip Tite Rivets guarantee a strong and vibration resistant joint in both thick and thin materials. The extended contact surface on the blind side compensates for irregular holes and distributes the loads evenly.

High-Retention (HR) Rivet
The High-Retention (HR) Rivet has a wide closing head and a very high and constant clamping force. It is particularly suitable for metal and plastic-metal applications and prevents deformation or stress fractures.

High-Strength (HS) Rivet
The convex, high-strength POP HS blind rivets have excellent shear and tensile strength. The large expansion on the blind side ensures high resistance to vibration and rattling. The grooved mandrel optimizes the service life of the tools and jaws. Further details on POP HS blind rivets can be found here.

Load Spreading (LSR/LS) Rivet
The LSR/LS blind rivet was specially developed for soft, brittle or brittle materials. It has a secondary head that provides a larger contact surface and even load distribution, preventing pulling or cracking. Further information on POP LSR/LS blind rivets can be found here.

Micro Blind Rivet
The open micro rivets with a diameter from 2 mm belong to the smallest blind rivets currently available on the market. Micro blind rivets have been specially developed for small microelectronic applications. They are easy and quick to assemble and ensure low on-site costs.

Multi-Grip Blind Rivet
The Multi-Grip blind rivets are suitable for applications with different material thicknesses. Thanks to the large clamping area, the Multi-Grip blind rivets can be used flexibly, making the use of standard rivets of different sizes superfluous and saving costs. Multi-Grip blind rivets also connect folded or bent sheets and materials with drilled holes.

Open Blind Rivet
The open POP blind rivets offer a strong, cost-effective connection with wide load distribution. They are suitable for applications without high load requirements and are available in different materials, head shapes and lengths.

Pull-Thru (PT) Rivet
PT clinch rivets are specially designed for applications where space is at a premium and flush closure is required from both sides. PT rivets have a wide range of applications and are used primarily in the electrical industry.

Soft-Set Rivet
The Soft-Set rivets are especially suitable for soft or brittle materials. The mandrel of the blind rivet has a special aluminum alloy and breaks at a lower tensile point than conventional mandrels. The soft-set rivets offer a firm grip with low clamping force.

Tri-Fold (T) Rivet
The Tri-Fold (T) rivets have extraordinary pull-up properties. The rivets guarantee tensile strength up to 1100 pounds and shear strength up to 2400 pounds and are specifically designed for structural applications.