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Micro-Fit+ Connector System

Panel fasteners PEM
Panel fasteners PEM
Panel fasteners PEM
Panel fasteners PEM

PEM® brand captive panel screws are designed to help keep parts to a minimum and eliminate risks associated with loose hardware that could fall out and damage components.

Captive panel fasteners are ideal to attach metal panels or other thin material components in applications where subsequent access will be necessary.


  • Available in three installation types: Self-clinching, Flare-mounted, Floating
  • All have the same profile or look above the sheet or panel
  • Standard selection of knobs include knurled, semi-smooth or smooth metal caps and plastic OEM C.A.P.S.® (Colored Access Panel Screws)
  • Shoulder on retainer to provide positive stop during installation
  • Anti cross-threading feature (designated with an “M” in the part number). Eases assembly, aligns components, improves assembly line productivity, prevents jamming, and slides through clogged internal threads
Panel fasteners PEM


Panel fasteners PEM


The special PF12M™ is used in what was the most expensive router. The retainer is capable of installing into a cast stainless material. The added convenience of the MAThread® anti cross-threading feature provided a value-added option that the competition did not offer. 


CT Scanner Cover. For the assembly of a large hatch, PF11MW floating panel fasteners are used to compensate for misalignment. Panel dimensions are 1200 x 500 mm and a gasket is used. The “floating” and MAThread® features eliminate the risk of cross-threading.

Panel fasteners PEM
Panel fasteners PEM


Mobile cashbox for buses. This cashbox required quick mounting and dismounting during the changeover. The PF11M provided the known convenience of the MAThread feature to prevent any risk of cross-threading.


Elevator control unit. The PF11 enables this customer to easily exchange the control unit as fast as possible when an electronic problem arises. With this solution, the repair time is reduced versus the loose hardware they previously used, and there is no risk of dropped and lost fasteners.



Reduce the risk of PC board damage and eliminate costly and time-intensive with captive panel screws