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PEM® CastSert™ Press-in Inserts For Castings and Soft Metals Less Than HRB 80

PEM® 300 Series Stainless Steel CASTSERT ™ inserts provide strong, durable metal threads in zinc, extruded aluminum, and die-cast magnesium and aluminum. The overall, simple press-in, installation process for these inserts uses a flat punch and anvil to install all sizes and lengths, approximately 80% faster than other methods. 


  • Depth of knurl allows engagement with as-cast draft angle holes, or milled holes.
  • Process cost savings vs. coil inserts or thread tapping.
  • Pull-out performance varies based on panel material, length of engagement (thread size), and draft angle.
  • Available in thread sizes #2-56 to 5/16-18 / M3 to M10 in two lengths per thread size.
  • Installed by simply pressing the inserts into drilled or as-cast holes. 
    Installation is accomplished using any standard press at any time during the production process.
Castsert PEM
Castsert PEM


Provide strong, durable metal threads in soft metals, and die-cast alloys.