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Brad Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Brad Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Brad Industrial Ethernet products provide reliable solutions in key industrial network applications.
Extract real-time data from the factory floor to front-office devices with Molex’s Ethernet solutions.
Brad Industrial Ethernet Solutions solves the problem of sending a signal through multiple communication devices, enabling the integration of devices to communicate over Ethernet technology.
Thanks to Brad Industrial Ethernet Solutions, we are dealing with a reduction in downtime in industrial automation plants.


Designed to Ethernet specifications
Ensures uninterrupted and reliable production system operations with devices communicating over the same protocol
IP67 sealed interface
Provides reliable connectivity in harsh environments
Positive-locking with an audible click available with Ultra-Lock and bayonet-style versions
Ensures a reliable and secure connection
Cable options include unshielded and shielded, twisted pairs for Cat 5e data performance
Achieve optimal signal performance without system noise interference
Ultra-Lock push-to-lock technology, threaded and bayonet-style coupling styles available
Delivers simple and fast operator-independent connections in a variety of coupling options.

Reduces labor and wiring costs
Receptacles designed for conventional threaded and push-pull quick connect
Ensure reliable mating to M12 D-Coded threaded and Ultra-Lock push-pull cordsets

Brad Industrial Ethernet Solutions


    • automotive assembly lines
    • conveyor systems
    • food and beverage
    • processing
    • vision systems
    • high-speed video communication
    • vehicle open system architectures