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MX81 Series

MX81 Series

JAE has released the MX81 Series of non-waterproof compact connectors for connecting in-vehicle electronic devices such as ECUs and sensors. This series employs the same socket terminals as the currently available MX80 Series of waterproof connectors, allowing the same terminals and crimp tools to be used for a broad range of waterproof and non-waterproof areas of the vehicle.

Due to the increase in user experience features, the spread of ADAS, and electrification, the number of ECUs and electronic devices mounted in the interiors of vehicles is increasing. This is driving the need for a larger amount of compact devices and connectors to fit in the limited space. At the same time, the use in automotive applications require these connectors to have high contact reliability and robustness to ensure safe and long term use.

MX81 Series
MX81 Series
MX81 Series


  • 0.64 mm tab size which is standardized by ISO/JASO/EWCAP/VDA
  • Employs the same socket terminals as the waterproof MX80 Series
  • Socket housing is one-piece, using a hinged retainer structure
  • Pin headers are compatible with through-hole reflow soldering
  • UL94 V-0 materials are used in the housings for pin headers
  • Tested to USCAR-2 standard
  • Terminal pitch is 2.54 mm, allowing connection with standard pin contacts
  • Different mating key codes are available
MX81 Series


  • Various ECUs, sensors, lighting, and other in-vehicle applications


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