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Factory Automation

Factory Automation

The devices installed in Smart Factory floors consist of lots of connectors for which JAE has developed a wide range of Factory Automation connectors to be used in connecting the components within each module.
For example, the connectors on AGVs and Machine Vision modules, it is necessary to have a low weight and robust solution to increase the efficiency of the devices and reduce overall costs. There is also the need for miniaturization due to the limited space and increase of components within the same footprint. JAE has developed a full range of industrial connectors to meet those requirements including SPE connectivity.

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MA01 Serie 

Automotive Grade, High-speed Transmission, Floating Board-to-board Connector

MA01 Series

The MA01 Series is the next generation floating board-to-board connector.
This product features a highly reliable two-point contact structure, achieving high-speed transmission exceeding 8Gbps. With an operation temperature range of -40 ℃ to 125 ℃ the connector is suitable for harsh temperature environments unique to the automotive industry.


  • Floating tolerance: ±0.5 mm in both X & Y directions
  • Stacking height tolerance between boards: ±0.5 mm in Z-axis direction
  • Two-point contact structure ensures high contact reliability
  • Low insertion and removal forces achieved by roll surface contact structure
  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +125℃
  • 8 Gbps+ high-speed transmission (10GBASE-KR and PCIe Gen3 equivalent)
  • Excellent mating process with large guides ,supporting automatic assembly and mating
    (mating guide length: ±1.0 mm)
  • Supports automatic mounting
  • Allows for multiple connectors to be used on a single board
  • Keyed to prevent mis-mating


  • On board equipment (ADAS-ECU, Central gateway, etc.)
  • FA equipment,
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
  • Office machines,
  • Communication equipment,
  • Measuring equipment,
  • Broadcasting equipment, and other various applications

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