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About E-Switch

E-Switch, Inc., which has been headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since 1979, is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality electromechanical switches for the electronics, telecommunications, high-tech, instrumentation, industrial, device, and consumer markets. The ever-growing product portfolio of the global company includes new series of push-button, snap, slide, sealed, illuminated and vandal-proof push button switches, SMT push button switches and illuminated rocker switches.E-Switch is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stein Industries, Inc. Stein Industries has been offering various services and quality products for a variety of industries since 1907.
Operations in 29 countries serve a broad customer base in a wide variety of industries through rapid delivery of products to a variety of different applications, such as: As in the field of systems engineering, in the automotive, manufacturing and electronics industries and in construction.
The Pipe Protection Technologies division specializes in manufacturing innovative high-performance products ranging from resin materials to engineering grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys for use in a range of end-user markets.

Products E-Switch

E-Switch’s KAD switches can quickly preconfigure electronic devices in a variety of settings and operating modes

Versatile switches feature single- or double-throw options with various latching and momentary functions

This miniature SMT switch measures 6.4 mm x 3.4 mm with a 100,000 cycle life.

Products E-Switch


  • Audio / visual
  • Industry
  • Medicine and dentistry
  • Wearable technology and wearable devices


E-Switch, Inc.

7153 Northland Dr N, Brooklyn Park
MN 55428


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