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3M™ Mini-Clamp, Link and Power Clamp Connectors

Mini Clamp

Time-saving, reliable and field-installable

Today’s factories and distribution centers are increasingly lean and agile, able to respond as fast as their markets. Automation systems help manufacturers and logistics firms operate more efficiently – saving on labor and maintenance, while improving throughput. A critical consideration: what connects these systems together.

Sensor Connectivity

Sensors are the “nervous system” of the operation, tracking pressure, temperature, humidity and other conditions that impact automation performance. Keep your wired sensor networks well-connected – and keep your goods flowing smoothly – with next-generation technologies from 3M.

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 Case Study 
Breakthrough Factory Automation

Anywire and 3M collaborate to create a breakthrough factory automation solution. 

See how 3M Link Connectors helped reduce total system cost and connector assembly time for the AnywireASLINK network:
Mini Clamp

30% total system cost reduction

Mini Clamp

80% connector assembly time savings

Mini Clamp

50% connector component cost reduction


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3M™ Mini-Clamp

The 3M™ Mini-Clamp is a simple termination connector based on industry standards for industrial, sensor, LED, switch and various small device connections. Featuring Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology, this connector can provide a time-saving, reliable and field-installable wiring solution.

  • Simple termination process for fast, reliable installation and maintenance

    • Helps minimize risk of conductor damage with no wire stripping
    • Stable termination quality with IDC increases reliability of sensor wiring
    • Supports wires 28 to 20AWG

    Optimize network layout with field-installability

    • Easily connect to pig-tail wired sensors 
    • Field termination allows for optimal cable lengths to save space and wire efficiently 

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3M™ Link Connectors

3M Link Connectors offer a simple, single-action IDC termination for T-branching and splicing of sensor and field networks. Available in standard detachable, One Piece (with and without IPX4 option), and Branch Mini-Clamp versions.

  • Enables branched networks and splicing into an existing network

    • Provides networking efficiency by optimizing signal and power line routing to terminal
    • Allows installation of additional small devices without adding signal and power lines from controller  
    • Supports wires 22 to 16AWG

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3M™ Power Clamp Connectors

3M Power Clamp Connector is a quick-termination connector for field networking applications and protocols. The simple IDC installation process allows for labor savings and high connection reliability. It is compatible with CLPA’s CC-Link open technology.

  • Splicing adapter with fast, reliable installation

    • Smaller connector size than most standard screw-type alternatives
    • Supports 250 Volts, 10A max (1 line), 7A max (all lines)
    • Supports 20 to 18AWG wire                  
    • Compatible with CC-Link Communication Interconnect Standard
    3M Power Clamp connectors are only available in EMEA per demand.


Machine-Builiding and IoT Wiring Challanges
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